Spiritual Home of the Quaich

Speyside, Our Spiritual Home

Speyside is truly the epicenter of whisky in Scotland, Speyside currently boasts 40% (48 of 124) of the active Scotch Whisky Distilleries but even more impressive is that these 48 distilleries produce nearly 70% of the Single Malt produced in Scotland. It also encompasses everything we stand for today as it is steeped in heritage, it produces some of the world’s finest luxury goods and through its history it has seen many changes and has always adapted and evolved and at the heart of it all lies the beautiful village of Craigellachie and the Craigellachie Hotel.

The Craigellachie Hotel

Within the Craigellachie Hotel lies, arguably, one of the worlds finest whisky bars, The Quaich. The Quaich has always been the focal point of the hotel, with people travelling to Speyside just to see it and have a dram within it. Today it is home to, on a good day, over a thousand bottles. It has a cocktail menu of truly world class standards and the bar itself is as beautiful as it is comfortable and welcoming. It is our spiritual home, and we are proud to share the name of Quaich.

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