We’d like to share a cup of friendship

The cup of friendship, the Quaich

A cup of friendship, the cup of love, from the Scottish Gaelic word for cup ‘Cuach’ and the symbol of every clan battle coming to an end… The Quaich. A two handed cup that brings people together as it is designed to be shared as one person drinks from it with two hands then passes it on. Using two hands to drink and receive shows that there is trust between the two people as they are leaving themselves open, showing that they aren’t hiding anything be that literally or metaphorically.

The Quaich is a symbol used for sharing, for coming together, for love, for hope and for friendship. There is no better symbol in Scottish culture to attach yourself too and we are proud to be named after such an important vessel and will do all that we can to live up to the high standards it is held in.

The Quaich Bar

Regarded as the most iconic whisky bar in the world, Boasting a staggering collection of whiskies, the Quaich bar’s collection was contributed to by renowned whisky and spirits writer, Dave Broom; author of The World Atlas of Whisky and Whisky: The Manual. With over 900 whiskies, The Quaich Bars collection is not only significant in size, but also one of the most interesting in the world. It has sought out the most unique and rare whiskies, some of which are exclusive to the Quaich Bar.

A truly memorable and unrivalled experience when it comes to enjoying the perfect dram of whisky.

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