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Speyside, Our Spiritual Home

Our home, The famous and world renowned Craigellachie hotel, was built in 1893 but the in the depths of its foundations lie many more secrets and stories. The hotel archives uncovered an old Drovers Inn dating back beyond 1703. A place where illicit whisky would have been shared amongst locals and travelers, where whisky would have been consumed, distilled and traded all in the heart of the industries most important region, the Champagne of Scotch itself, Speyside.

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The Quaich

A cup of friendship, the cup of love, from the Scottish Gaelic word for cup ‘Cuach’. A two handed cup that brings people together as it is designed to be shared as one person drinks from it with two hands then passes it on. It shows that there is trust between the two people as they are leaving themselves open, showing that they aren’t hiding anything be that literally or metaphorically.

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Quaich concierge is a private Scotch whisky cask buying service, inspired by the Quaich Bar. Our team of experts have over 80 years industry experience combined. We provide a specialist level of service and unrivalled access to the finest stocks of scotch whisky available today. Starting with the selection of whisky, you will be guided through a journey of taste, history and design to personalise every aspect of owning a whisky bottling, custom built to your exact specification.

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Sounds of the Quaich

Music and Whisky are the perfect match and we take our playlists very seriously in The Quaich Bar.  Creating the right environment is more than just about making our guests and friends comfortable… the right song can change the flavour profile of a dram or it can create a long and lasting memory.  We would love for our friends to enjoy a dram at home while listening to the Quaich Bar playlist… hopefully it will make you feel like you are with us.  So sit back, pour a dram and relax… Slainte!

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